Alessandra Cianchetta
Alessandra Cianchetta
Alessandra Cianchetta talks at the Joint Master of Architecture in Geneva
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1227 Acacias, Geneva, Switzerland

"What do we understand by urban landscape ? It is only around 1900 that the concept « paysage urbain » entered the French language. While normally translated as « urban landscape » (something as « townscape »), or Stadtlandschaft, paesaggio urbano etc., we have to ask ourselves whether we understand the same phenomenon using terms in different languages. At the same time, at least historically, landscape has been the opposite of « the urban ». Does this mean that we have to understand, at least partly, « paysage urbain » as an oxymoron ? And what about the use or misuse of the term in conteporary planing We intend to discuss these and other questions in a critical and constructive way.” Prof. Michael Jakob (statement from